I’ve been going to sandy beaches in Białogóra since childhood. Ever since I’ve loved the white sand and the surrounding area. When I started going to the beach with our son and dog, a friend of mine told me to take a different route through Prusewo and every time I passed the manor house I was intrigued by the place. I never thought that one day I will be the next owner.
When I first walked into the building I felt good energy inside, and seeing the park, which was not visible from the front of the building, I fell in love. It was love at first sight and has remained to this day.
We went through some rough moments,the renovation was difficult and took a long time, but never for a moment had I lost my enthusiasm to restore the building to its former glory. Hopefully I have achieved this.
I love this place all year long. In the spring when the sun awakens the park, in the summer when I greet guests, picking fruit in autumn and in winter when I rest and watch the snow falling.
I hope you will like this place as much as I do and you will spend unique and unforgettable moments here.

Katarzyna Kilian



Welcome to the manor house located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by old trees, where the singing birds awaken guests in the morning.
I hope you will enjoy a morning stroll and a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the park.
In all the lounges on the ground floor you can be seated at a table for a meal and after your meal relax on the couch and and enjoy one of our delicious desserts.
Our guests’ favourite place is the sunny verandah overlooking the park.
On the first floor there are 14 rooms and a living room with a wide choice of books and games and a spacious terrace.

Our pride is is the 2-hectare park where you can find fantastic flora and fauna including six 300-year-old oak trees, a giant red leaf beech, lindens, ash trees, colorful maple trees and rare pyramidal oaks.
It’s an ideal place to rest in the shade of the trees and birds singing in the background enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, indulging in delicious home-made cake or just reading a book.




The first piece of written document which mentions Prusewo dates back to 1342 and refers to the boundaries of the Żarnowieckie Monastery. Between 1400 and 1863 the owners changed a few times. It was owned by Geomar Reinhold Krokowski from 1623 to 1672, from 1672 by the Przebendowski family, from 1792 to 1835 by the Von Zabokrzycki family and from 1863 the Fliesbach family who lived there until 1945.
At the beginning of the XXth century Hugo Ekhard Fliesbach extended and rebuilt the building in neo-baroque style and also built an outbuilding and a granary. He also transformed the grounds into a park and built a heated greenhouse, what was an extraordinary venture at that time. After World War II the complex was taken over by the State and a breeding farm was established.
In 1986 the estate was heritage-listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments.
In the late 90's the estate was bought by private individuals and renovation bagan. The goal was to re-establish the historical layout of the rooms and at the same time adapt the interior for a hotel and restaurant.
The park was recreated with its central Baroque arrangement and the outer English arrangement.
Finally after 7 years the renovation was completed and in the summer of 2006 to the first guests visited the estate.