The first piece of written document which mentions Prusewo dates back to 1342. In the year 1400 Prusewo had 540 hectares of land, one mill and three gardens. Between 1400 and 1863 the ownership changed a few times. It was administered by the Von Wittke family, by Geomar Reinhold Krokowski from 1623 to 1672, from 1672 by the Przebendowscy family, from 1772 to 1863 by the Von Zarzycki family followed by Time family, from 1863 the owner was Behrent and then the Fliessbach family who lived there until 1945. In the times of the Fliessbach family the property comprised of the manor house, an outbuilding, a garden and a heated greenhouse and two courtyards. After World War II the complex was taken over by the State and a breeding farm was established.